Tuesday, February 14, 2006

A Quote for New Bloggers

When you start a blog it is with high hopes that your fantastic insight and wit will garner a steadily growing readership, with occasional rapid rises when some blog-ebrity links to you from his blog.

Sadly this is not generally the case, and you either give up in defeat, or relegate your blog to a personal diary. Alternatively you can image that there really are hundreds, nay thousands, of appreciative readers who are just too shy to leave comments.

With a few notable exceptions (see, a good blogger would put some links in here) most of the popular blogs out there are popular because they are written by well-known speakers or authors (and I'm being parochial here, I've no idea what happens in blogs I don't read).

And here's why (and finally the point of this post):


P.S. if anyone is reading this blog, please excuse posts mysteriously appearing "in the past"; I'm pulling stuff together that I've already posted elsewhere, or queued to post, and I want to keep the original dates on stuff. This is a personal diary after all!

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